The Student Union Welfare Officer at UCC says she was shocked by the number of victims of spiking that contacted her last week

She has raised concerns that many more people may have been spiked but did not come forward.

Caoimhe Walsh says seven women approached her about their experience, with five ultimately receiving confirmation that they had been spiked after having their blood tested.

The Union organised a “Take Back The Spike” demonstration in November urging businesses in the city to do all they can to prevent incidents of needle spiking following a rise in the number of people reporting that they had been spiked.

Speaking to RedFM News, UCC SU Welfare Officer Caoimhe Walsh says it’s unclear if any of the victims will report the incidents to the Gardaí and outlines what happens when students contact her:

“If the student health wasn’t open, I’d advise them to go to the doctor 365 over by the Lough or to SouthDoc or whichever. Then they go, usually when they go up and then they get sent over to the hospital and get like bloods done. I actually don’t know if anyone went to the Guards. I don’t think they weren’t really keen on it, I think it’s just the fear of trying to get over this, of what happened and I think even just having to go to the Guards was a bit daunting for people. And I suppose a lot just think well how you’re going to catch them like the piece was full. I wouldn’t usually get that many but I think just because everything had opened up. You know what I mean that’s all I saw come here that many students come to me here, but I mean, there’s probably a lot more effected who didn’t know to come here either so.”


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