The Taoiseach says measures will be introduced to reduce the number of deaths on our roads

Leo Varadkar was speaking in Cork today after a recent spike in road fatalities.

10 people have lost their lives on Cork roads this year while 129 people have been killed nationally.

A significant overhaul of speed limits is planned on Irish roads to make them safer and bring down road deaths.

Speaking to RedFM News, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar says the numbers dying on our roads are too high

“It requires a comprehensive response, speed limits are part of it, but only part of it. Enforcement is going to be crucial too by the Gardai using cameras.  I think education is important as well. In the past we had very effective advertising campaigns reminding people of the harm that can be done on the roads. And also, you know, things like improving the roads and making them safer. So has to be comprehensive response and it will be”


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