The Top 4 Things You Need To Know today – Thursday 9th March

The Taoiseach says there’s a deficit of a quarter-of-a-million homes in the country at the moment.
Leo Varadkar last night told his party colleagues “it will take a long time to close the gap, but the corner can be turned this year.”
The Irish Times reports he added that at least 40-thousand homes need to be built every year.


The country is under a yellow snow and ice warning until 11 o’ clock tonight.
Met Eireann is warning of accumulations of snow in many areas along with icy conditions.
Precautionary gritting began across Cork late last night as temperatures were forecast to drop overnight with city and county council engineers monitoring road conditions during the night


Details of the new Primary School curriculum will be announced by the Minister for Education later this morning.
Its the first time in a quarter of a century the syllabus will undergo a significant change.
Foreign languages will be introduced at primary level, as well as science and technology subjects.
There will be a greater focus on well-being, and a reduced focus on religion,


A Cork farmer who lost a number of sheep and lambs in a vicious dog attack last week is to limit public access to his lands
Farmer Dan Cronin says the attack on his sheep near Blarney which resulted in a number of deaths and seriously injured sheep has been tough on his family particularly his young daughter who has been caring for the lambs since birth


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