The top four things you need to know – Friday July 22nd

Lisa Smith will be sentenced for ISIS membership later this morning.

At her sentence hearing earlier this month, the former Irish soldier’s barrister pleaded with the judges not to send her to prison.

Smith is the first person to be prosecuted for and convicted of being a member of a terror organisation in a foreign land.


A mortgage expert believes the ECB interest rates hike is ‘going to be the first of many’.

Yesterday the European Central Bank announced an increase of half of a per cent.

Permanent TSB has confirmed it won’t pass on the rise to its variable rate mortgage customers.

As many as 100 thousand apartments across the country could have defects and may not be up to fire safety standards.

A report commissioned by The Construction Defects Alliance which is campaigning to get a proper remediation scheme in place for affected owners is expected to reveal, that in some cases the defects are of a serious nature.


It’s emerged Donald Trump refused to call off the mob attacking the Capitol building in January last year – despite pleas from his aides, members of congress and even his own family.

The allegations come following another extraordinary hearing of the committee looking into the background of the riots – in which 5 people died.


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