The top four things you need to know – Monday January 9th

The final litter survey of 2022 by business group Irish Business Against Litter has shown Cork City Centre and Mahon struggling towards the foot of the ranking of cities and towns nationwide

Of the 40 towns surveyed, Mahon was bottom of the table and deemed “Seriously littered”, while Cork city centre was ranked 18th and deemed littered.

Midleton fared far better, and is ranked 10th, and deemed “Cleaner than European norms”.


Fine Gael TD Colm Burke says the time has come to establish a National Healthcare Forum to tackle current and future crises in the sector.

He says systems have to be put in place to fast-track the delivery of healthcare and provide the additional supports that are required for those who work on the frontline in our hospitals.

A National Healthcare Forum, he says, should include all stakeholders, including service users in the healthcare sector, public and private.


Brazil’s Supreme Court has removed the governor of Brasilia from office for 90 days after security concerns following the ransacking of government buildings by supporters of far-right former president Bolsonaro.

Brazilian authorities have begun investigating the worst attack on the country’s institutions since democracy was restored four decades ago.


Prince Harry has insisted he has no intention to ‘hurt’ his father – the King – or brother William.

The Duke of Sussex also denied accusing family members of racism during an interview with Oprah Winfrey.

He revealed that William and Kate didn’t get on with his wife Meghan ‘from the get-go’.


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