The top four things you need to know – Monday May 22nd

Ireland is becoming the first country in the world to have health labelling on alcohol products.

The Health Minister has signed the new measure into law, which will take effect in 3 years time.


A 13 year old boy has died after the tractor he was driving overturned.

It happened in Co. Mayo on Saturday, but the child died yesterday at a Dublin hospital.


The lifting of a blockade in County Clare over the housing of asylum seekers is being welcomed.

Protestors who were blocking a road near Magowna House Hotel in Inch decided to remove the barricades, but will continue to protest peacefully.

It’s after the Junior Integration Minister Joe O’Brien intervened by meeting organisers.


Instagram has returned for most users, after a technical glitch which disrupted services last night.

The company didn’t say how many people were affected, but hundreds of thousands of people reported problems online.

Users in the US, Canada and Europe were among those seeing issues.


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