The Top Four Things You Need To Know Now

The Main Stories Making The Headlines Across Cork


Aer Lingus has reversed it’s decision to temporarily lay off nearly 200 staff members at Cork Airport this Autumn.

The airline had announced its intention to take their staff off the books while the airport upgrades its runway.

The move had drawn considerable opposition from staff, unions and other airport workers.


Guidelines for the re-opening of hospitality were finally published late last night.

The guidelines will mean customers with have to show their Covid Certificate, photo ID and contact tracing details for everyone in the party.


Opposition parties are strongly criticising a delay in the government’s housing plan.

It was due to go before cabinet next week, but it will now be delayed until the end of August or early September.

The plan will set out housing priorities out to 2030.


The heatwave will officially come to an end today – but fine weather is still expected this weekend.

The high temperature warning for the entire country will finish at 9 o’clock this morning, after being in place since Tuesday.

It brought temperatures of over 30 degrees in several places.


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