The Top Four Things You Need To Know Now

The Main Stories Making The Headlines Across Cork


The Taoiseach says he is worried about the Omicron but that there is growing evidence that vaccines are having an impact on the new variant.

Micheál Martin was speaking after getting his booster vaccine at City Hall yesterday evening.


There are reports of long queues at the City Hall Vaccination Centre already this morning – with some people quueing sincw well before 8am.

The Moderna booster shot will be available in walk-in clinics in Cork today for those aged over 50, and for healthcare workers over 30-years-of -age.


Fishermen are concerned the Council of Fisheries Ministers will set provisional Total Allowable Catch and quota figures for next year.

Fishermen’s organisations are saying that this would be totally unsatisfactory and would cause a major problem for Ireland’s fishing sector in 2020.


Sinn Fein says urgent action is needed to protect all Government agencies from the risks posed by cyber crime.

The party’s communications spokesperson says the report into this year’s HSE Cyber Attack shows a shocking level of exposure – with a system developed more by accident than design.


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