The Top Four Things You Need To Know Now

The Main Stories Making The Headlines Across Cork


Two Cork hospitals saw ambulance turnaround times rise to well over an hour last September.

Mercy University Hospital and Cork University Hospital both saw the time it took ambulances to get back on the road after bringing a patient to hospital lengthen significatly in the first 9 months of 2021.


The price of petrol and diesel in the past couple of weeks has increased by as much as four cent per day.

It’s expected the cost at the pumps will hit record highs in the coming weeks.#


Sinn Fein says the Russian Ambassador must clearly outline what’ll be involved in Russia’s exercises off the Cork coast.

Yury Filatov has been invited to appear before the Oireachtas Foreign Affairs Committee next Tuesday to discuss the country’s military drills.


The Gardaí are appealing to the victims of the Kerry mental health scandal to come forward.

They’re considering launching a criminal investigation, and want to speak to the parents of the children affected.


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