The Top Four Things You Need To Know Now

The Main Stories Making The Headlines Across Cork


Sinn Fein is calling for further extensions for motorists due to delays at NCT centres.

The operator says Covid absenteeism has affected its level of testing, and many centres have little availability for February and March.


The Taoiseach says trust in politics has been damaged by the DUP’s actions over the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Earlier this week, Paul Givan stepped down as first minister, while DUP leader Jeffrey Donaldson has warned they won’t return to Stormont if issues aren’t addressed.


The centenary of the handover of Kilworth Camp to Irish Forces was marked yesterday.

It was the first major camp to come under the control of the Irish Defence Forces after being surrendered by the British in 1922.


Over 50 thousand rugby fans will gather at the Aviva Stadium to watch Ireland’s first six nations match against Wales this afternoon.

It’ll be one of the first large-scale events to take place since the easing of restrictions last month.


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