The Top Four Things You Need To Know Now

The Main Stories Making The Headlines Across Cork


The number of people on waiting lists for an outpatient hospital consultation at the four hospitals in Cork South-Central is equivalent to more than half the local population.

The latest National Treatment Purchase Fund figures show that nationally, 13 per cent of the population are on waiting lists.


Buildings in Cork City are to undergo frequent ‘visual health checks’ in an attempt to battle dereliction.

Its hoped these latest efforts by the local Council will help breathe new life into the centre of the City.


Gardai are trying to piece together the precise movements of a car before it crashed in County Limerick, killing a boy.

12 year-old Wicktor Chojecki lost his life when the car he was driving hit a truck head on, on the N21 near Adare.


US President Joe Biden will speak with Vladimir Putin on the phone this morning – after America warned a Russian invasion of Ukraine could happen ‘any day now’.

More countries are now telling their citizens to get out of the country.


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