The Top Four Things You Need To Know Now

The Main Stories Making The Headlines Across Cork


The families whose babies organs were incinerated in Belgium without their knowledge are staging a protest outside Cork University Hospital later this morning.

The Voice of Our Angel’s group is made up of some of the 18 families who found out their children’s organs were sent to Antwerp with clinical waste at the start of the pandemic.


The latest hospital waiting list figures are further evidence that the health system is failing patients particularly those with no private health cover.

That’s according to the Irish Patients Association, its comments come as figures reveal almost 902,000 people are on some form of hospital waiting list.


An emergency budget is just one of the measures being called for to help families struggling to keep their heads above water.

The Social Democrats are putting pressure on the government to introduce such a budget.


Emergency measures will be required to make sure appropriate school places will be available for children in September.

Sinn Féin will bring a motion before the Dáil next week calling on the government to take action.


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