The Top Four Things You Need To Know Now

The Main Stories Making The Headlines Across Cork


A cost of living protest march is taking place in the city centre later this afternoon.

The event is organised by the Cost of Living Campaign and will start on Grand Parade at 2pm


A 32 home cost-rental scheme in Glanmire received 850 applications in the first two days after release.

The 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom homes at Ballinglanna, in the south-east of the village, will have rents which are 25 per cent less than market value.


The Health Minister is promoting the message of safer medicine practices for patients today.

World Patient Safety Day is trying to ensure patient safety is a global health priority.


The Rally for life march is taking place in Dublin today.

Organisers say the chief aim of the rally is to urge the public, and the government, to rethink abortion.


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