The top four things you need to know – Thursday March 30th

The INMO say the types of records being broken at Cork University Hospital are nothing to be proud of.

The union were speaking after their Trolley Watch report recorded a new high of 90 patients being treated on trolleys in the hospitals Emergency Department.

INMO reps in Cork say they are are raising health and safety concerns with hospital management on an almost daily basis and are warning that nurses will “vote with their feet” and leave the hospital if the situation continues to get worse.


A campaign group believes politicians will be forced to revisit the decision to end the eviction ban as homeless numbers rise.

The Raise the Roof group is staging a Dáil protest at lunchtime (12:30pm) to highlight the potentially disastrous impact of the move on thousands living in the rental sector.


The sister of an Irishman detained in a prison in Iran says they’ve had some positive news.

Bernard Phelan was arrested last October while travelling as a tourism consultant.

His family say he is now ‘going blind’ due to lack of medical care.

But a Government doctor in the city of Mashad has requested tests be carried out on him in a hospital outside the jail.


The HSE is urging parents to ensure their child is protected against measles before travelling over the Easter break.

It’s been notified by the World Health Organisation of outbreaks in a number of countries, including the US, South Africa and Austria.

The Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccine is given in two doses – at 12 months of age and in junior infants in school.


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