The top four things you need to know – Thursday May 19th

Medical scientists are planning a further five days of protests in the next two weeks.

Members of the Medical Laboratory Scientists Association say they feel like they have no other alternative but to strike due to huge frustration in the profession.

They are calling for the HSE to implement a plan to tackle the recruitment and retention crisis in the sector and are also calling for pay parity to bring them in line with other colleagues in hospital labs. 


Green Party TD’s Neasa Hourigan and Patrick Costello have had the party whip removed and been suspended for six months.

The parliamentary party agreed to the proposal last night, after the TD’s voted against the government in the Dail.

They backed a non-binding Sinn Fein motion calling for the National Maternity Hospital to be built on public land – it passed after government TDs abstained.


Spiraling energy prices, a misfiring housing market and the cost of goods and services is threatening to derail the Irish economy.

That’s according to a report published by the independent economic and social think thank which has revealed the rising cost of living is hitting households across the country hard.

The report is calling for a moderate wage increase and a targeted expansion of welfare payments for the less well-off.



Five men remain in custody this morning after being arrested in connection with alleged match-fixing in the League of Ireland.

A total of ten were detained yesterday as part of a three year Garda investigation.

Five were released without charge last night, and Gardai say investigations are ongoing.



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