The top four things you need to know – Thursday May 5th

A man who made a threat to set fire to a UK MP from his home in Cork has avoided jail after the court heard it was a “classic case of drink and dial.”

Daniel Weavers of Castletreasure in Douglas was charged in November last year of sending a message by phone that was menacing on the 18th of October 2021.


More than 3-hundred civilians have escaped the devastated Ukrainian city of Mariupol in an evacuation co-ordinated by the Red Cross, however it’s reported heavy fighting continues at the steel plant.

Russia’s military says it’ll open-up humanitarian corridors for the next three days to allow those sheltering in the steelworks to escape.


The prospect of queues outside petrol stations could become a reality in the near future if moves to ban oil imports from Russia go ahead.

The EU want the importation of Russian oil halted by the end of the year as part of new sanctions on the Russian Federation over its invasion of Ukraine.


People in Northern Ireland are taking to the polls today to elect a new Stormont Assembly.

Sinn Féin is expected to comfortably be the largest party in Northern Ireland for the first time.


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