The top four things you need to know – Tuesday May 24th

Up to 30,000 hospital procedures will be cancelled due to a strike over the next two days.

2,100 medical scientists are picketing over pay and career development issues – similar to last Wednesday’s action.

They’re refusing to carry out routine lab services from 8am to 8pm today and tomorrow.


The Oireachtas housing committee will today formally call for a vacant property tax to be introduced.

They’ll recommend the measure in a new report that’ll be published this afternoon.

It’s aimed at bringing tens of thousands of homes back into use, to be available to rent or buy.


The Taoiseach says it’s important to listen to what visitors to the city have to say about the place…

Micheál Martin was speaking after well-known CNN host Richard Quest said he enjoyed the English Market but described the city as looking ‘tired’ in an interview with the Irish Independent.


Victims’ families are travelling to Westminster today to protest against the British government’s Troubles’ amnesty.

Demonstrations are also taking place in Derry and Belfast, as the proposal is debated in the House of Commons.

It would ban prosecutions for those who co-operate with a panel that investigates Troubles’ killings.


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