The top four things you need to know – Wednesday March 22nd

Sinn Féin is warning the Government that it is driving the homeless crisis to a level nobody ever thought was possible.

It came during the Dáil debate on a Sinn Fein motion which seeks to extend the eviction ban, which will be voted on this afternoon.

The Government is on course to win the vote after the regional group of Independent TD’s agreed to support it.


New laws are needed urgently to ensure people entering apprenticeships are paid the minimum wage.

The Labour Party says the Government has the power to encourage more workers into trades by offering them fair pay.


Nursing home residents are set to be allowed to keep all income from renting their family home under new changes to the Fair Deal Scheme.

The Irish Independent reports it’s one of the measures from the government to offset the impact of lifting the eviction ban.

Under the current scheme, nursing home residents can keep 60% of the rental income from leasing their former home.


A man being held by the PSNI in connection with the attempted murder of a senior police officer has been released without charge.

The 36 year old had been detained yesterday in connection with the gun attack on Detective Chief Inspector John Caldwell in Omagh in February.

He was questioned about the claim of responsibility for the shooting from the New IRA before being released last night.

The PSNI says their investigations are ongoing.

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