The top four things you need to know – Wednesday November 16th

A new half hourly bus service connecting commuters from Kinsale to Bishopstown is to get underway in January.

West Cork Connects has stepped into the breach after a campaign was launched to improve the 226 service after commuters complained of finding themselves frequently abandoned by full or overbooked buses.

In the last week Bus Eireann ran a double decker on the 226 route addressing some of the capacity issues but still leaving some stranded at bus stops particularly at peak times.


Consumers look set to cut back on spending this Christmas as the cost of living crisis takes hold

89% plan to spend less, or not increase their spending on their families while 41 percent will spend less on gifts for friends.

The figures from EY Ireland are contained in its latest Future Consumer Index which also finds 37% will purchase less food for celebratory meals to avoid waste this Christmas, while and 44% plan to use less festive lighting and decorations at home.


American officials are reportedly saying initial findings suggest a missile that hit Poland was launched by Ukrainian forces.

The Associated Press news agency’s been told it was meant for incoming Russian fire.

Two people were killed in the east of the country yesterday.


Donald Trump has confirmed he’ll run to become the US president again in 2024.

In a speech to supporters in Florida, he’s said people are worse off now than they had been under his leadership.

He made his announcement despite disappointing results for candidates he backed in the midterm elections in America last week.

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