The Transport Minister Has Ruled Out Idea Of Dedicated Transport Police For Bus And Rail Services

The Transport Minister has ruled out the idea of a dedicated transport police for bus and rail services.

It comes as the National Bus and Rail Union is to ballot its members after persistent reports they feel threatened and abused.

The union has said the antisocial behaviour on routes is at a tipping point.

But Transport Minister Eamon Ryan says a dedicated police service isn’t the way to go:

I don’t believe, I think one of the question today being asked, would you have separate Transport Police for that. The advice from the Gardaí and we have to heed their advice; they’re experts in security areas is that: no, that doesn’t work. There is very good liaison between An Garda Síochána and Irish Rail, and I think we need to double down on that, and address what is a very valid concern. But I think the appropriate, the measures being taken at the moment: going further and stronger and faster with that is the most important, best response.”


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