Things will be ‘tough for a while’ due to Ukraine crisis – Tanaiste

The Tanaiste says the Ukrainian crisis means things here will be ‘tough for a while’.

Households are already facing spiralling fuel bills while there are concerns about possible food shortages and the state will have to provide financial support for Ukrainian refugees who come here.

Leo Varadkar says no one was expecting a war in Europe, but things will be ok in the end.

“We didn’t think so quickly after the pandemic that we’d face into another crisis.

“But we are, we’re seeing now a war in Europe and that is going to have an impact in terms of refugees coming here. It’s going to have an economic impact as well.

“But when I think about what Ireland’s got through and has had to get through in the last 10 years, y, we had the global financial crisis, we had the Troika, we had the bailout, we then had Brexit, we then had a pandemic.

Now we’ve another crisis. We’ll deal with it. You know, things will be okay in the end, but it’s going to be tough for a while.”

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