This Year’s Leaving Cert Results Are Record-Breaking For Second Year In A Row

This year’s Leaving Cert results are record-breaking for the second year in a row.

Over 61 thousand students received their results this morning including 7,000 here in Cork.

An overall grade inflation rate of 2.6 percent this year compared to last will likely lead to an increase in points for some college courses, with offers coming out on Tuesday.

Almost a quarter of students taking higher level chemistry got H1 grades, double the average in the years 2017 to 2019.

Speaking to RedFM News Principal of Christian Brothers College David Lordan says the Class of 2021 responded well to the challenges posed by blended learning:

Every student learns in different ways, but there’s no doubt about it: this last year, and last two years indeed have been particularly challenging for all students in every school. I mean there’s no better place for students to be to learn than in school, in person, with their teachers, the friends, the social side of it and all that. All of those elements are hugely important, and they were denied that through, you know, the two lockdown phases in 2020 and and earlier this year. You have to adaptable.  The Leaving Cert throws up challenges every year, and this happened to be the particular challenges of this cohort.”


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