Those without booster vaccine encouraged to get one as cases rise

Anyone at risk of Covid 19 should get their booster vaccine now so they will be ready for a potential autumn jab.

The HSE has been monitoring an increase in coronavirus cases across the country recently.

The rise has been blamed on emerging variants of Omicron with the health service reiterating that vaccination can help you avoid infection.

Damien McCallion is the HSE’s National Lead for the Vaccination Programme.

He says officials are yet to decide on if another jab will be needed later this year and is encouraging people to get their booster now.

“While we have no firm advice in relation to the autumn vaccine, we are anticipating that there will be one.

“If people don’t leave a gap of 3-4 months minimum it will impact on their ability to get vaccinated earlier in the autumn through what could still be a critical period this autumn and winter, we don’t know where we’re going there yet.”

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