Thousands Forced To Flee Homes in Tenerife, Canada And USA Due To Weather Events

Thousands of people have had to flee their homes on Tenerife as firefighters and the army struggle to contain the worst wildfire on the island in decades.

Nearly 4,500 people were ordered to leave villages and campsites after the fire started on Tuesday night.

The Spanish Civil Guard has joined the fight to battle the flames.


While in the Canadian city of Kelowna in British Columbia, an evacuation order’s been declared, as wildfires approach.

There are currently over 1,000 active blazes across the country.

Residents in the northern city of Yellowknife have also been told to leave, with wildfires expected to reach the outskirts today.


In the US, Hilary could bring a year’s worth of rain and 145mph winds.

The category four hurricane will make landfall in California as the state prepares for its first tropical storm in 84 years.

Neighbouring Nevada and Arizona are also expected to face torrential rainfall.

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