Threshold welcomes government plans

Housing charity Threshold has broadly welcomed the government’s plans to address the current shortage in long-term rental properties.

Under the proposal, entire properties, in Rent Pressure Zones, would not be allowed to be advertised on websites like Air BnB without commercial planning permission.

People turning to Threshold for advice are being forced to turn down job offers and even pull their children out of school due to the housing crisis in Cork.

Threshold has cautioned that the new plans need to be fully enforced

Speaking to RedFM News, Assistant Manager of Threshold in Cork, Regina Baylor says that. at present, many renters haven’t a hope of finding somewhere to live.

“There’s not one property available that’s under either the rent supplement cap or the HAP cap, including the 20% uplift that’s available.

“They haven’t a hope of finding a property under that income threshold.

“We’re seeing that there are no properties available either at the HAP rates or with the 20% uplift.”


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