Top four things you need to know – Monday April 4th

Russia’s been accused of committing “war crimes” after hundreds of civilians were killed in the city of Bucha.

Photos have emerged of dozens of bodies, some with hands tied behind their backs – in basements, in mass graves and in the streets.

Moscow’s denying responsibility.


A murder investigation’s continuing this morning, after a man was gunned down in Finglas on Dublin’s northside.

A post mortem’s been completed on the body of the man in his 20s was was shot dead at Deanstown Avenue at around half four yesterday morning.

The results aren’t being released for operational reasons. It’s believed he was involved in a drug feud.


An independent review of 9 hospitals across the country found ‘unsafe’ and ‘unacceptable’ treatment.

The report conducted in 2019, was never released by the HSE but has now been made public following a Freedom of Information request by the Irish Patients Association.


Six people have died in California after at least two people opened fire into a crowd.

Sacramento’s police chief says around 12 others were wounded in the city’s downtown area, as bars were shutting and people emptied onto the streets.


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