Top four things you need to know – Monday May 24th

The top four things you need to know for Monday May 24th.


The Foreign Affairs Minister says the arrested of a Belarus journalist after a Ryanair flight was ordered to land there is extremely worrying.

State media there says the aircraft was grounded following a bomb threat, but opponents to the country’s President Alexander Lukoshenko claim it was done to detain Roman Protasevich.

Simon Coveney says it’s ‘utterly unacceptable’ and a strong and united response from the EU is needed as it was an Irish airline with EU citizens on board..


Data from the HSE cyber attack could appear online today after those behind it indicated a potential dump if a ransom isn’t paid.

The Government has always ruled out paying any fee to those who attacked the HSE and Department of Health’s IT systems.

The head of the HSE says officials will be concentrating on getting some national systems working agiain, such as those which run CT and MRI scans.


88 percent of people plan to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

The Irish Pharmaceutial Health Association, which carried out the study says this includes those who’ve already received their dose.

Between January and May there was a drop in those saying they won’t get the jab or are unsure about it.


Broadband downloads more than doubled here in the last year.

A new study by Pure Telecom has found the increases and decreases in downloads corresponded with the introduction of restrictions since the pandemic began.

The survey also found there was a 345 percent increase in February in the number of customers downloading at least one terabyte of data per month, when compared with the same period last year.

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