Top four things you need to know – Tuesday

The Taoiseach says he can’t promise Ireland’s corporate tax rate will remain at 12.5 per cent.

Over 130 countries in the O-E-C-D have signed an agreement to have a worldwide rate of at least 15 per cent.

The deal’s due to be finalised in about six weeks’ time, and Ireland has so far refused to sign up.


Gardai have dealt with an average of nearly 100 domestic abuse incidents every day this year.

Almost 25,000 were reported to the force between the start of this year, and September 9th.

2,021 of the cases were in Cork, while Dublin, Louth and Galway all have very high numbers.


Cork Chamber says the post-Covid era will offer great opportunities to redefine and reshape the workplace.

The group are urging employers to prepare for a new post-Covid workplace environment as thousands of employees return to the office on a phased basis from this week onwards.

The group has launched a new partnership with Adare Human Resource Management to ensure Chamber members who employ over 100,000 people have access to employment law advice and human resource management.


Another attempt to extradite Ian Bailey to France could be made early next year, according to a solicitor for Sophie Toscan du Plantier’s family.

The French authorities have failed three times to get him sent there, over the murder of the filmmaker in west Cork in 1996.

Mr Bailey was convicted in his absence in Paris two years ago, but has never been charged here.


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