Toxicology tests done on elderly couple in Tipperary who are believed to have died in late 2020

It’s likely to be several weeks before it’s established how an elderly couple died in south Tipperary.

Gardai now believe 81-year-old Nicholas Smith and his 79-year-old wife, Hilary, died in November or December 2020.

That’s over 18 months before their bodies were found in their remote bungalow on Monday.

Southern correspondent with The Irish Times, Barry Roche, says Gardai still don’t know how the English couple died:

“They’re hoping that toxicology and other tests, carried out a post mortem on Tuesday by  state pathologist Dr. Mulligan will actually throw some light on how the couple actually died. I would imagine that this will take a number of weeks, toxicology tests may take some time. Obviously, samples have been taken on both and the fact is that you have two bodies as well. So I would expect it will be a number of weeks before we get those back.”


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