Trans-Woman Says Recent National Radio Discussion About Gender Saddens And Frightens Her

A Longford trans woman says a recent national radio discussion about gender has saddened and frightened her.

Dublin Pride announced earlier this week it had terminated a media partnership with RTÉ, over comments made about the trans community on Liveline.

The group has described comments featured on the radio show as ‘extremely harmful anti-trans discussions’.

RTÉ has been called before the Oireachtas Media Committee next week to address the issue.

Rebecca Tallon De Havilland believes the radio discussion will incite negative feelings towards people in the LGBTQ community:

You know what, it saddens me, it frightens me, and it angers me. All three. To see this happen in today’s world, in 2022, is just preposterous. It incites anger, it incites war within society against trans-people. Why are people so hell bent on being so angry about me being me, and people like me, my tribe, being like me?”

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