Troubles victims to meet Taoiseach

A cross-community group of Troubles victims will meet with the Taoiseach in Dublin later seeking support against the UK government’s proposed amnesty for legacy killings.

The British government claims its plan to block investigations into crimes committed by security forces or paramilitaries would help with reconciliation.

But opposition politicians and victims groups have criticised the move, saying it would deny truth and justice for thousands of people.

Raymond McCord, whose son was killed by loyalist paramilitaries in the 90s, is among those meeting the Taoiseach later.

“We all believe it’s essential that have the Taoiseach and so on with us.

“These proposals will make people above the law whether it be the shoulders from Bloody Sunday, the soldiers from Ballymurphy, the people involved in the murder at Kingsmill.

“And my own son, and I’m from the Unionist community, and yet it was people within my community murdered him.

“So that’d help families move on.”


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