Trump to mount further legal challenges

US president-elect Joe Biden will put his Cabinet together this week, after beating Donald Trump to the White House.

The Democrat’s promised to have the most diverse group in American history.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump hasn’t conceded and will launch legal challenges today into unfounded claims of voter fraud.

Joe Biden’s former senior advisor, Moe Vela, says there’s no doubt his focus is going to be fighting the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Everyone realises right now including Joe Biden that until we get the virus under control, we can’t get the economy back up in a sustainable, healthy, long term, functional state.”

Politico’s Carla Mainucci meanwhile says Donald Trump appears to be doubling down on his allegations of fraud.

“There are reports that Trump plans to go back out on the campaign trail and hold campaign style rallies in an effort to prolong his fight, even though experts say it’s a lost cause.

“Reportedly, he’s going to show off obituaries of dead people who supposedly voted.”


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