UCC and Sexual Violence Centre Cork compile first ever study of people who were stalked or harrassed

The first Irish study of people who have been stalked or harassed reveals in the majority of cases perpetrators were known to them.

The University College Cork report in partnership with the Sexual Violence Centre Cork is the first Irish study of people who have been stalked or harassed.

The report makes ten recommendations, including the need for an information campaign on stalking and harassment, improvements in Garda training, and changes to the proposed new wording of stalking offences.

The report found that perpetrators identified by the victims were mostly known to them, ie partner or ex-partner, acquaintance, friend, or work colleague.

Respondents reported being threatened, physically attacked, and sexually assaulted.

More than 1,000 participants responded to the survey.

A new offence of stalking has been proposed by the Government recently and it’s expected that this new stalking report will inform that legislation.


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