UCC School of Medicine says a large number of hurlers allowed to continue playing despite suspected concussions

An “unacceptably high rate” of inter-county hurlers with suspected concussions are allowed continue playing without adequate assessment.

That’s according to an analysis of hurling league and championship matches in 2018 and 2019, by researchers at UCC School of Medicine.

They found only 10 out of 43 players, who showed signs of concussion, were removed from play.

All-Ireland winner with Clare, Jamesie O’Connor, says GAA bosses have to take action.

“We have a duty to take this report seriously, to sit down and take a look at it, upskill the medical teams.

“Make sure there’s clarity for the players, for officials, for management, and say ‘listen – if there’s a suspected concussion, this is what happens.'”


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