UCC win 2022 Enactus Ireland Competition

The Enactus Society at University College Cork have been named as the 2022 winners of the Enactus Ireland National Competition.

UCC Enactus are a society that strive to positively impact the local community by creating a range of social entrepreneurial projects, including one which encourages asylum seekers in Cork to create their own products.

This business has now been handed over and is run by female asylum seekers. Another project aims to tackle plastic waste and the transport crisis by creating micro-transport cruiser skateboards, made from recycled plastic collected on campus.

The society competed against 10 other colleges at the end of each year, and 2022 is the first year for UCC to take the top award. They will now go onto compete in the Enactus World Cup 2022 in Puerto Rico at the end of this month.

The society have been backed by Cork based businesses Qualcomm and KPMG.


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