Ukrainian Officials: Further Attacks On Kyiv Last Night After Barrage Of Rockets Targeted Capital On New Year’s Eve

Ukrainian officials say there were further attacks on Kyiv last night after a barrage of rockets targeted the capital on New Year’s Eve.

Emergency response services attended the sites of critical infrastructure hit by Russian drones.

The region’s governor said air defence systems were also targeted.

Meanwhile, a former NATO analyst Russia is continuing to bombard Ukraine’s critical infrastructure in an attempt to stop military aid getting to Ukrainian forces.

Defence Expert at the University of Bath, Dr Patrick Bury, says the country currently lacks air defences:

“About $2 billion of US military aid coming into Ukraine, since they signed off on it just before Christmas. And some of that kit includes the Patriot Missile Defence System, which will make it harder for these Russian cruise missile attacks in particular to get through Ukrainian Air Defence. So they sense, I think, now’s the time both to hit the railways to try and disrupt some of this kit moving around Ukraine and also to bombard them as much as possible before that window closes”.

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