Ukrainian refugees begin to arrive in Millstreet

The first Ukrainian refugees have begun arriving at Milstreet. 

320 people will be housed at the Green Glens Arena, which the Irish Examiner report will be full in 10 days as the Government warns that nationally, there will be a shortage of accommodation for Ukrainian refugees by the end of next week

Nearly 24,500 have arrived since the war began – and that could increase to 33,000 by the end of May.

Almost 1,300 are currently being housed in emergency accommodation.

24,000 people pledged accommodation through the Irish Red Cross, but secretary-general, Liam O’Dwyer, says they can’t reach over a third of them so far. 

“The uncontactable rate is around 38%, that’s the experience too in the past when we had similar campaigns with refugees that came from Syria.

“The uncontactable people we will keep contacting them, with emails and that to ensure that people who may have missed our telephone call or email have an opportunity to come back again.”


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