UN climate report to issue stark warning on climate change

Experts say a new UN climate report out today will act as a “999 emergency call” for the state of the planet.

It’s expected to warn a 1.5 degree rise in the Earth’s temperature will be reached 10 years earlier than previously thought.

The findings are also due to lay out the scale and pace of change to the world’s oceans, ice caps and land.

Climatologist Professor John Sweeney from Maynooth University says it’ll highlight the need for action.

“It’s not a wake up call, we’ve had those. This is a 999 emergency call for the state of the planet.

“What it’s telling us it that we are running out of time very rapidly.

“Where we thought we had a decade or two to make these key decision to de-carbonise the world, it now appears that we’re going to see some of those critical tipping points in the next 10-20 years.”

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