UNICEF Describes Earthquakes In Turkey And Syria As “Disaster Of Historic Proportions”

UNICEF has described the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria as a “disaster of historic proportions.”

It  has launched one of its biggest ever humanitarian operations, in response.

It has been 13 days since the 7.8 magnitude quake struck, killing almost 44-thousand people and ten million people need immediate humanitarian assistance.

Humanitarian supplies are being airlifted into the countries because of the damage to roads and infrastructure.

Peter Power – Executive Director of UNICEF Ireland – says hopes of finding more people alive are fading:

Every life that is saved in the critical search and rescue operation is a cause for joy and happiness amidst incredible sadness. The people on the ground are absolutely devastated. They’re traumatised. And yet, we’ve we have to move on now to the next stage, which is one of the biggest humanitarian operations we’ve ever had to undertake”.

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