Updated digital covid certs begin to be issued

From the 1st of February, people travelling within the EU will need to be fully vaccinated or have had a booster within the past 9 months.

The Department of Health says people started to receive updated Digital Covid Certs yesterday.

The updated certs will reflect a person’s booster status.

However People before Profit TD Paul Murphy feels the government isn’t doing enough.

“I think there’s a real danger that the Government is letting Covid rip in general.

“You look at what they’re doing in schools, you look at their abandoning of antigen testing of people coming into the country, solely to focus on the question of vaccinations and vaccine certs.

“That really isn’t going to get us out of the pandemic.”

Meanwhile fully vaccinated passengers and under-eighteens no longer need to take a test before travelling to the UK from today.

And for those who’re arriving back, there’s no requirement to self-isolate before getting a negative test, on or before day two.

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