Urgent calls for safety measures on Charleville’s main street

The deaths of two pensioners who were knocked down by lorries in Charleville in the last fortnight has led to urgent calls for safety measures to be introduced on the town’s main street.

72 year-old Margaret Lyons, died on Monday afternoon, following a collision involving a lorry on Main Street while Pat Galvin died at the end of April after a collision involving a lorry also
on Main Street.

In recent years seven people have been killed in road traffic collisions on the same street in Charleville.

There are five pedestrian crossings on the Main Street however local councillors say they urgently need to be upgraded as the town now sees in the region of 15,000 vehicles including heavy goods vehicles, passing through it on a daily basis.

Speaking to RedFM News Local Councillor Ian Doyle says it’s now clear that Charleville needs a relief road.

“There is in our county development plan a relief road that’s pencilled in, coming form the southern side of Charleville which would bypass the town and come out on the N20.

“I’m calling on the county council and TII to ignite that again, and look at the possibility of that relief road being put into place.”


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