Urgent calls made for government to impose price caps on fuel

People Before Profit is calling on the Government to impose price controls on petrol, diesel and kerosene urgently.

The Finance Minister has said previously he is not in a position to cap prices because Ireland must buy it’s own fuel from abroad.

A new report from Grant Thornton today shows people on lower incomes and those in rural Ireland are hit hardest by high fuel prices.

Dublin People Before Profit TD, Paul Murphy, says a windfall tax like the one brought in by Boris Johnson is needed too:

“We should impose price controls on petrol, on diesel, on electricity and on kerosene, just as it has been done in France, Spain and Portugal and cut into some of the super profiteering that is going on by the energy companies in those sectors. We must guarantee people a reasonable price for those profits, and we should impose a windfall tax on the profits being made by these corporations.”


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