Usher targets European Football for Cork City

Dermot Usher wants to have Cork City competing in European competition in the coming years.

The Dublin businessman is looking to purchase the club from FORAS – a vote will take place on Sunday where FORAS members will vote on whether or not to sell the club to him.

Speaking to RedFM Sport, Usher says he’s committed to getting City back to competing at the top.

“I understand the nervousness around ‘oh here comes somebody along again’ and all the rest of it. I think it’s been noted in the media and on, different forums, that I havw had conversations with other clubs and all the rest of it. That’s allowed me to understand fully the League of Ireland, what works maybe what doesn’t work.

“I’m coming into this with my eyes open. I’m coming into this with the understanding I’m not going to make any money. I’m going to probably lose some money at this, but I’m coming into it with a passion for League of Ireland with a willingness to get on board and get my hands dirty.

“This is something that we can work on together. I think the club to get to the next level with a view, who knows as regards Europe maybe on the horizon in a few years. That would  be my ambition that we can get get the club to that place.

“I’ve come from an environment growing up where I wouldn’t have had much. I’ve done well for myself. I think on the strategy side and on the business side is what I’m going to bring to the bring to the table. And then there’s football people being brought in to run the football club. That’s that’s the way this is going to work.

“I’ve got two ears and one mouth, two ears means I need to listen. And I want to listen to the fans who support Cork City because at the end of the day, they’re the backbone of the club. Simple as that. And I know that.”

You can listen to the interview in full here – it begins at the 15 minute mark

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