Varadkar confident Coveney will survive motion of no confidence

The Tanaiste says he’s confident the Foreign Affairs Minister will survive a motion of no confidence this evening and a line can be drawn under the controversy.

Simon Coveney will face the Sinn Fein motion in the Dáil at 6pm over this handling of the Katherine Zappone controversy.

The Sinn Féin leader says her party was left with no option but to move the motion.

But Leo Varadkar is confident it will be defeated.

“I believe the vote tonight will draw a line under it.

“What we want to do is focus on the things people care about the most, that’s the Budget, it’s climate action, it’s housing, it’s getting businesses open and people back to work.

“I’m confident Simon will win the vote tonight and win it by a very safe margin.

“That allows everyone in the Dáil, the opposition and the Government to concentrate on the things that matter and I hope everyone will do that.”

Green Party leader Eamon Ryan says he expects his party TDs to back Minister Coveney.

“We put a motion of confidence and we expect our own Green Party members to vote for it.

“We really need to focus in the return to the Dáil on how we develop housing, how we tackle climate change.

“I expect that to happen today.”


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