Victims of spiking urged to seek expert help

The impact of being spiked has a huge psychological effect on the victim and can be very traumatic.

That’s according to the head of the Cork City Sexual Assault Treatment Unit who is appealing to anyone who may have experienced “missing hours” after a night out and fear they may have been a victim of sexual assault to seek expert help.

Margo Noonan says there is plenty of support for victims of drink spiking, and various treatments offered to help make them feel safe again .

She says some people who are attending the unit are presenting with unexplained marks on their body and fear they may have been spiked and sexually assaulted.

90 people have contacted the unit so far this year – double the number of people seen in the same period last year.

Speaking to RedFM News Margo Noonan says their unit is open 24/7 and can offer assistance at any time.

“We encourage everyone to come in to us, to maybe have a physical assessment or a sexual health assessment, and to have a discussion about it.

“The impact that lost time and that someone may have sexually assaulted you has a huge psychological impact on people, so it’s really important that if someone is worried that something has happened that they do come forward and seek help straight away.”

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