Vintners Federation of Ireland says they need clarity on the precise reopening date for indoor dining

No date has been given yet to allow pubs and restaurants to serve food and drink indoors, but it’s expected to be July 26th.

The legislation which will be signed into law next week means only people who are vaccinated or recovered from Covid are allowed in.

VFI Chief Executive Padraig Cribben says they need to know a definite date:


All of the procedures that need to go through when the Iraq does and it’s now gone to the President for signing, but obviously we need to get clarity as early as possible next week on an opening date and opening conditions, and because you know we have a sector that has been closed now for almost 16 months, I’m going to get a lot of things in place in a very in a relatively short period of time. So that’s the businesses can open safely and securely.
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