Waiting list for driving tests up over 25%

The number of people waiting for a driving test has grown by over a quarter since last October.

There are nearly 65,000 people waiting to be seen, compared to 50,000 just over three months ago.

Only essential workers are able to sit a test at the moment, and 17 test centres have over 1,000 people on their waiting lists.

The latest figures also show there are almost 6,000 people waiting for a theory test appointment in the City and County

Brian Farrell, from the Road Safety Authority, says the backlogs will take a long time to clear.

“Realistically, if you’re applying for a test now you’re probably looking at a wait time of between 20-30 weeks before we can provide you with a test.

“That’s something we’re not happy with, but unfortunately that’s the situation we find ourselves in after this unprecedented health emergency, until we can get the extra resources deployed on the ground in the driving test to help tackle that backlog.”

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