Warnings of staff shortages and Covid outbreaks as schools prepare to reopen

Teacher unions are warning of staff shortages and Covid-19 outbreaks ahead of the reopening of schools tomorrow.

Yesterday the Minister for Education said the return would be challenging but there was no public health rationale for keeping them closed.

Norma Foley’s comment followed a meeting with officials and education partners.

Deputy General of the teachers union, the ASTI, Diarmuid DePaor, is concerned a full return could lead to chaos.

“The worries are on two fronts, the first on the medical, health and safety issue, particularly for high risk teachers.

“Secondly, on the issue of whether schools can stay open, and how they’re going to can cope.

” We’re pretty sure that there will be huge staff shortages in schools.

“The problem with the school is that you could have 600/700 young people and they need to be supervised.

“We could have chaos later this week in the schools.”


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