WATCH: Colm Meaney to feature in new season of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

The trailer for season 15 of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia has been released!

In the trailer the gang announces they are heading on vacation to Ireland.

During their trip to the Emerald Isle we see Charlie meeting a local grocer played by the one and only Colm Meaney! Charlie and Meaney’s character seem to have a lot in common from the snippets we see of their engagements in the trailer for the next season including an interest in ghouls and cheese.

The season 15 preview also shows Mac wanting to becoming a Catholic priest and Frank’s association with Jeffrey Epstein as he had been snorkelling at his infamous island.

Their trip to Ireland is the first episode shot outside of America in the long-running sitcom. During the summer a call out was made for an Irish Danny DeVito lookalike to film scenes for the show and later the whole cast were pictured in a location in Ireland.

The new season of It’s Always Sunny premieres on FXX in the US on December 1st.


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