WATCH: New crime drama starring Aidan Gillen set for RTE

RTE’s newest drama ‘Kin’ follows a fictional crime family in Dublin.

The upcoming eight part series will feature Love/Hate, Game of Thrones and Peaky Blinders star Aidan Gillen as patriarch of the family, Frank Kinsella.

Speaking about the new drama at the launch of RTE’s Autumn schedule, Gillen said, “It’s a crime drama set in Dublin so there will be scenes that are brutal and shocking but it’s not in there for the sake of sensation.”

Aidan Gillan, Emmet J Scanlan, Charlie Cox and Maria Doyle Kennedy in RTE's Kin

Aidan Gillan, Emmet J Scanlan, Charlie Cox and Maria Doyle Kennedy in RTE’s Kin

The show will air on Sunday nights on RTE One from September and will also star Clare Dunne, Ciaran Hinds, Emmet J Scanlan and Maria Doyle Kennedy.

Throughout the episodes we will see the Kinsella family go to war after a member of their family is killed.

Aidan Gillen is back on familiar territory after previously starring as John Boy in another hit RTE crime drama, Love/Hate. Speaking about his role in these types of shows, he said,  “I think there’s always a responsibility not to glorify it, but you can’t not show the attractive side of it, what it is that draws a fifteen-year-old or a twelve-year-old into that life.

Charlie Cox and Ciaran Hinds in RTE's Kin

Charlie Cox and Ciaran Hinds in RTE’s Kin

“We have a responsibility to show how it starts and also a responsibility to show how it ends and it generally doesn’t end well. It ends in prison or in the grave, so I’d be quite conscious of that.

“It’s something I’ve thought about in the past, quite a lot actually. But crime drama since ancient Greek theatre to Shakespeare to Tarantino to bang up to now is blood-soaked.

“Crime and murder are something that people want to watch and see dramatised, whether it’s about living vicariously or release of pressure by seeing other people so violent acts in drama . . .

“I don’t know what it is. It’s a complex question but I think it’s wrong to just go out there and make it entertainment. I don’t like that.”


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